Warden Sigismir

Warden of Seaside Halls


Head dwarf of the garrison.

B1. The elves are rapacious interlopers, I will keep them at bay.
B2. My soldiers require good cheer to endure the coming onslaught.

I1. Always Assess before drawing.
I2. I am never without my commutatus.

[C-O] Fleet of Foot (Positioning & Racing)
[C-O] Sonorous Voice (Suasion & Persuasion)

Stats Rating
Will B6
Perception B4
Power B4
Forte B4
Agility B4
Speed B3
Attributes Rating
Health B5
Steel B6
Hesitation 5
Reflexes B3
Mortal Wound B10
Stride 7
Abilities Rating
Circles B3
Resources B0
Faith B5
Physical Tolerances
Superficial B3 Light B6 Midi B7 Serious B8 Traumatic B9 Mortal Wound B10
2 Fate, 2 Persona, 1 Deeds
Skills Rating
Suasion B5
Oratory B4
Doctrine B3
Foraging B3
Staff B3
Herbalism B4
Begging B3
Write B2
Read B2
Road-wise B3
Ritual B2
Streetwise B3
Conspicuous B3
Persuasion B3
Soothing Platitudes B3
Affiliations Dice Description Notes
Order of the Brothers Minor +1D Tonsured trait
Priest of Holy Church +1D Vested trait
Reputations Dice Description Notes
The Holy Man of the Roads +2D
Relationships Type Description Notes
The Holy Man of the Roads +2D
Gear Resource Pts Notes
Cassock 1 rp
Sandals 1 rp
Staff 5 rps
Traveling Gear 1 rp
Property Resource Pts Notes
Weapons IMS Notes
Bare Fisted I:B2 M:B4 S:B6 Add 2, VA -, Fast, Shortest
Staff (RotM) I:B2 M:B3 S:B4 Add 2, VA 2, Slow, Long, 2-handed

Warden Sigismir

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